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  • sandwich structure box made of 150 mm PUR panels with sliding gate and access door
  • designed for testing products in extreme climatic conditions

Main characteristics:

Temperature range -40°C/ +80°C
Control using 4 temperature sensors
Control of relative humidity 10 – 80% (at temperatures from 10°C to 50°C)
Inside dimensions of the climatic chamber 4500mm length x 3500mm width x 3300mm height
Access dimensions gate – 2000mm width x 3200mm height
access door – 700mm width x 2000mm height
There are two circular openings in the wall 150mm + one 60mm for supply/control

Contact: Ing. Zdena Bajtová, e-mail: bajtova@pos.cz, tel. +420 461 751 110


  • laboratory for the verification of products, functional tests or the determination of maximum parameters
  • testing of equipment for measurement and distribution of liquids other than water

Main characteristics:

Inside diameters of tested products from DN 50 to DN 200
Flow rate from 50 to 6000 l/min
Operating pressure in the circuit from 0 to 6 bar
Pressure for static pressure test up to 15 bar
  • it is possible to change the parameters during the test
  • it is possible to introduce air to verify separation capability

Kontakt: Ing. Zdena Bajtová, e-mail: bajtova@pos.cz, tel. +420 461 751 110

Non-lethal weapon – KRAKEN SF 1


The non-lethal weapon is designed for individual defence. The weapon is capable of reliably stopping a living target without killing.

It can be used as a defence against animals (dogs) or attackers – individuals or crowds. The weapon can be used indoors.

Tennis balls may be used as ammunition for distances up to 30 m (aimed shot), while special projectiles approved by the manufacturer may be used for distances up to 100 m. Only a specially designed .357 KRAKEN firing cartridge may be employed.

In case of use with special ammunition (grenades) by armed security forces, the range of the KRAKEN greatly exceeds human capabilities and it is also highly accurate – therefore improving the safety of other participants in the conflict. The weapon also ensures the safety of security forces which are outside the range of retaliation.


Ammunition types

  • commercial tennis balls able to stop and paralyse attackers or animals
  • smoke grenades
  • tear gas grenades against unauthorised demonstrations, etc.
  • P1 smoke puff charges – grenade with acoustic effect
  • P2 smoke puff charges – grenade with acoustic effect and tear gas
  • shells with twenty rubber projectiles – we are able to develop various types of ammunition according to customer specifications

Contact: Ing. Vladimír Lavička, e-mail:  vladimir.lavicka@pos.cz, tel. +420 461 751 241